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omgwtfwrench's Journal

Winry Rockbell [AU]
13 April 1989
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Winry Rockbell | Fullmetal Alchemist
Played at theskytides by chibi_scriber
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8], airships, al, alchemy, alloys, alphonse, am i on drugs?, angst angst angst, anko, armor, automail, beat, beat-torture, beating goombas for money, beating up greed, beating up idiots, being in extreme denial, bolts, breaking things, captain/first mate 'meetings', chromium, clockwork, cloud, cogs, creeping people out, danny, doctors, edward, elric torture, elrics, emo-eggs, family, ffamran, fixing things, flying, fufufu, gears, girl-stealing except not, goombas, gran, greed, greed 8|, greed! 8|||, hammer, hammers, heihachi, ignoring ed, inventing, isako, kekeke, kiros, ling yao, looting, machines, magitech, making people my bitches, mecha, mechanics, medicine, metal, molybdenum, money, music, nails, naoto, naoto's ass, ninja-pirates, ninjas, not a lesbian stfu, not having a headache, nuts, ooc interests, peace, pinako, pirates, pirating, playing with ling's hair, plotting, plundering booty, pocketwatches, proper magitech maintenance, reverse-traps, rhyme, rikku, rockbell, screwdriver, screwdrivers, screws, shiny, shutting sho up 8], silence, singing goombas, sky, sky pirates, souji, spanners, springs, sprockets, stealing, steel, still not a lesbian, stuff, super seeemeeee, survivor:badlands edition, sweets, teasing, technology, the sky, tin, tinkering, tools, topping everyone and everything, traveling, tsundere lolis, watches, wenches hell yes, wrenches