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30 June 2010 @ 01:06 pm
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Name/Nickname: Emely
AIM/E-mail/Contact: ringcampana / ringcampana@gmail.com / plurk = calledvertigo
LJ: wishingforvilla

Canon Character and Series: Winry Rockbell | Fullmetal Alchemist
In-Game Name: Winry
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Position & Ship:

Appearance: Winry is a short and stout young woman, standing at about 5’1. Her complexion is fair, and her hair is a wheat-coloured blonde, and is usually kept in a tight braid that falls to a little below her waist. Half the time it is a rather messy, however, and tendrils of hair are always framing her face since she can't be bothered enough with her appearance to do much past what is comfortable and healthy for her. Her most distinct features would be her eyes, which are a vivid cobalt colour, and her ears which both contain several unique studs and small earrings.

Her clothing very much fits the previously mentioned idea of comfort. For her what is comfortable and practical is what matters most—appearance comes afterwards, and she only ever dresses for herself. Ironically enough, even though she is highly awkward and uncomfortable with any sort of physical intimacy, Winry is very confident with her own body. Typical attire for her consists of an olive tank, some black shorts, and her ever present brown specialty boots. A large belt adorns her waist in which she carries her gun and some tools. She usually wears a hair shawl to push back her bangs, and often some goggles on top of her head so they are always at ready for whenever some work may pop up.

Personality: In her canon, Winry was born in 1899 in the fictional country of Amestris, one which parallels Germany but with various anachronisms. Due to the time period, and the village she was raised in, Winry is significantly more mature, confident, and independent than one would expect of someone her age. This is an aspect carried by almost all the children of FMA, and not just the primary and secondary characters, even background characters are shown to already have a good deal of independence. An example being Nelly, a girl and friend of the Rockbells and Elrics who already takes care of the animals and farm her family owns. For what we've seen of Rizenbul almost all of the kids take up their parents trade at an early age.

This will be doubly so for TST!Winry. Having grown up in a family prominent in Melior, in both the medical and magitech field, she had a lot to live up to. Both her parents and grandmother were very patient, kind, and encouraging but it was her own pride and understanding of the situation that made her want to live up to the Rockbell name. She took up both trades from a very young age and showed remarkable talent for both fields, particularly magitech which involved skills as a mechanic and mage.

Once someone gets to know her, the most prominent features of Winry are her determination and intelligence. Even if she is on the shy side at first, that does not equate to her being a pushover or weak. Any attempts at bullying her or anyone else will end badly for the bullier. Once she sets herself to something, she will do it not matter what, even if it means stepping on some toes or doing some lying and sneaking around. She isn't the kind to tolerate self-deprecation or wallowing in self-pity, and definitely does not stand for anyone giving up before they have even started. Winry rarely ever does anything half-way, when she decides on something, she throws on it entirely.

This is particularly obvious when it comes to her work. Granted, a lot of the reason she studies so much is so she can help the Elrics, but she genuinely loves to learn and be challenged. What she loves most is being given something she has yet to see or know about, and taking it apart--both figuratively, and literally. It extends into her having a great curiosity to just about everything and everyone which can sometimes land her in a difficult position. She takes great pride in her work, both as a mechanic and doctor and has great respect for anyone who is passionate about their work, whatever it may be.

She's a pretty sentimental character sometimes. She has very deep value for family, whether it be blood or otherwise which is why she is always constantly worried about the Elrics, and thus appears so often aggravated and angry (particularly at Ed). Her family values shine through in not only how she loves the Elrics, and how she treasures the memory of her parents and grandmother. Even if someone is older than her she might come off as mothering sometimes--she knows better than to pamper them since it would come off as patronizing, but she will butt into someone's business if her concern becomes extreme. She also always has her door open to discuss problems if anyone ever wants to come to her of their own accord. She manages to do much of her nudging in a very inconspicuous manner.

Ironically, even though she is kind-spirited in that manner, she also has has a terrifyingly large temper. Anger is something that Winry unfortunately has a lot of, to the point of it almost being unhealthy. In some ways it helps--she gets angry more than she gets upset so it can serve as a driving force as opposed to wallowing--but anger of course is a very dangerous emotion so it sometimes leads her to take very aggressive and impulsive actions. This is shown in small portions by her habit of wrenching or punching people when they annoy her, which happens regularly (at least where Ed is concerned) but even this is only scratching at the surface. After all, she was willing to pick up a gun and point it at someone, and even if she didn't shoot that is still a very significant action. She is a person easy to anger, but easy to forgive (or at least tolerate). She isn’t the type to hold grudges and despite her tantrums she would never seriously harm anyone close to her, and learns to persevere both emotionally and the presence of others. Her previous experience on the 4423, in which one of her crewmates was responsible for one of the greatest tragedies Reial has seen in a long time—Doma, is also something that fuels this.

Despite everything she has been through she remains quite optimistic and has a generally cheerful attitude. She has a sometimes quirky, sometimes odd sense of humor and loves to tease and taunt those she is fond of. It has a habit of getting her into a lot of trouble, but she somehow always manages to slip out. Only on very rare occasions does her true anger, bitterness, and depression for all the things that have happened. She can be quite impulsive at times, sensitive, and shrill but she does mean well, and has a heavy sense of duty.

Abilities/Weapons: Physically speaking, Winry is a pretty well balanced person. Working with magitech keeps her pretty strong, and she's light on her feet. She's got quite a lot of combat experience having spent five years traveling the Badlands and Vohemar, and three on a pirate ship. Still, in the end, judging by pure brawn at all she's definitely no powerhouse.

What makes Winry such a skillful are a pair of boots that she enchanted that enhance her speed and agility significantly when activated. Still, in the end Winry is much more of a 'flight' person than a 'fight' when the situation is serious.

No, in the end Winry's true skill is her intellect. (incomplete)

How well can your character hack?: Despite her being a tech-prone person, it's not something she's done very often. She knows the basics but isn't really one to often do that so her skills are minimal.


SAMPLES- (These samples are used from my previous time at TST, I hope that is okay. If you would prefer ones that are completely new, I'll be happy to provide them)

Third Person (roleplay): It was slightly chilly up on deck, with how close it was to night time. The cold breeze was a welcome feeling against her clammy skin. Ever since Greed and Pip had been separated, she'd been feeling irritable and had been snapping at people more than she meant to. She'd fidgeted, busied herself even more, and had unintentionally denied herself proper rest and food. It was something she hadn't been able to help, because a part of her couldn't help but think "What if Greed didn't come back? What if he decided to stay wherever he was? What if he cut of all ties to her?" If that were to happen, she'd lose Ling.

Now there was this new issue at hand. Doma had been a small city. She had never been to it before, and aside from delivering the package she hadn't seen much of it while they were docked there. Even if she hadn't seen any of it, however, the very idea of so many lives lost would be a hard one for anyone. How many lived in Doma? How many from other cities had died there, unaware of the waters tainted with poison. Men, women, children, even. Winry was a pirate, she had seen horrible things, and since she took responsibility for her crew, she felt she had done some horrible things as well. Still, in all the years she had been one, and in all her travels in the Badlands she hadn't quite met up against something like this.

These were the exact kind of things her parents had ventured into the Badlands to protect.

She sighed and leaned on the railing of the ship, closing her eyes and rest her head on her arms.

"Don't, Winry." she chastised herself, giving a dry chuckle. She shouldn't get started on thinking about them. That never ended well, and she had already wallowed enough as it was. She exhaled and opened her eyes, staring out towards the horizon where the sun was setting. Some sights never got old, and it calmed her a little bit.

First Person (journal): Gonna go into Trewe today to get a couple supplies before we head off. Always good to be prepared, and better get them here; most of the places in the Badlands don't sell very high-quality stuff. Makes me a bit nostalgic, really. Feels like ages ago that I was making my way there, but it really wasn't all that long ago, was it? Ah, but anyway. Anyone wanna come along?

Been in the engine room the past couple days, hence my seeming absence. Just fine tuning a couple things here and there. Ah. The 4423 really is quite a beaut, small, speedy, and so eloquently designed. I'd really love to check out some designs for other ships sometime.

Well, with us soon to depart after a long period grounded (so to speak) I feel it necessary to let a couple things be know, particularly since have quite a number of new members to our promising crew. Unless you have lived under a rock and perhaps even then, since some of us have had to do such you already know what this ship is about, and the reputation we carry. A reputation we must uphold to retain the respect we've worked hard for.

To some of you it may feel like stepping out of the frying pan and into the fire, but keep your head low for a couple days till you figure things out. Most of us won't bite or plunder you with the exception of our boss and lady, Isako but if you do find yourself intimidated for whatever reason I have a couch and several ever present bottles of rum in my cabin, so you never have to fear of it being all gone. But do remember, we're a crew and as such, perhaps not happy-happy best friend buddies, but a tight group none the less. We wouldn't be half as successful as we squabbled as much as so many other ships out there.

...in all seriousness, though, you'd better be prepared for hard work. Slack, failure to follow orders, and disrespect are thing that will quickly find you s decor—trailing behind our ship tied in the loosest of means.